Premature Ejaculation – How to Cure it Naturally

At a given point in a sexually active man’s life, premature ejaculation must have occurred. Premature ejaculation refers to coming to orgasm too soon or too quickly, even before one’s partner has come to orgasm. This is an embarrassing moment, and very few men even want to address it when it occurs. In some other men, this trend of ejaculating too early becomes the norm of their sexual encounters. This if not addressed early can cause serious self-esteem issues and make a man hide his iniquities. It is for that reason recommended that one works towards curing premature ejaculation.

To get a permanent and long lasting solution to premature ejaculation, it is important to study and see what the actual cause of the condition is. There are two main causes that have been linked to this. One of the causes is physical while the other is emotional causes. Understanding the cause of the condition is paramount if a solution is to be found. This helps both parties work together to find a solution while further cementing the bond of intimacy between a couple. Below are some of the most effective ways through which one can deal with premature ejaculation.


A lot of people tend to underestimate the value of breathing and the positive value it brings. Deep breathing not only helps work on sexual arousal, but it can help ease tension in the body, thus making one less tense when engaging in sex. This calm helps one enjoy sex more as well as last longer. It is recommended that one should try to have deep breaths which emanate from the belly as opposed to short breaths when being intimate. Short breathing has been shown to trigger fast heart beats and thus blood moves around the body faster, making one ejaculate faster. It is also highly advisable that you also talk to your partner so that they can join in the breathing technique. This has been shown to result in very powerful orgasms.

Start-stop method

Another way to naturally control premature ejaculation is to try out the start stop method. This is a simple method that one starts out through masturbating individually. As one comes closer to orgasm, they stop all arousal and let go of the sexual organ. After giving the organ time to rest, they start again as they come closer to orgasm. This method is a great one as it trains a person when to pull out and take a break if they do feel as if they are almost “coming.” Progressive use of the start stop method is bound to bring about greater control and thus increased pleasure for all.


This is yet another method that can help to naturally avoid premature ejaculation. IN this method, one is expected to start engaging in sex. During sex, when the guy feels like coming to orgasm, they pull out and squeeze on the head of the penis which desensitizes the penis and thus makes them last longer in bed. So as to avoid miscommunication, it is highly advisable that one communicates to their partner on what they are doing. As one squeezes the penis head on one hand, they can still be engaging the woman in foreplay so that they do not feel left out.


These are exercises that help exercise the Pubococcygeus muscles. Contrary to popular belief, these are not only exercises to be done by women but rather men as well. In exercising the Pelvic floor muscles, you are able to gain control over your ejaculation. To identify the PC muscle, try stopping the flow of urine midstream. The muscle that is responsible for this is the muscle that needs to be exercised. The beauty of it is that the muscle can be exercised discreetly when you get a spare minute or two, be it on the commute to work, during work, or even when at home. Regular practice of these muscles in time leads to strong and long lasting erections which every woman desires.

Medical Intervention

In cases where all else fails, medical intervention may be the only option left. There are numerous options to choose from depending on what is isolated as the cause of the condition. The downside of using pharmaceuticals is that in most cases, there are accompanied side effects.  These side effects may vary depending on the drug recommended, the dosage administered and the time frame they are used. Some of these side effects vary from mild to extreme. One great product that can be used for patients with premature ejaculation is Biomanix which is based on natural products, hence does not come with numerous side effects. Irrespective of the method chosen to combat premature ejaculation, it is important to note that consistency in using the method is the key to success and getting a permanent solution.

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