Best Prenatal Fitness Exercising Guidelines Safe for Mother and Child

Pregnancy is a new phase of life which brings countless reasons to be excited, fresh and happy! Whereas you can imagine to sit down on your favorite recliner, watch TV and eat all that you desire; guess what? This is not how it works!

Opting for a good exercise routine throughout the pregnancy tenure can be beneficial for your child as well as yourself. While exercise will aid in an improved cardiovascular system, it will also boost your stamina for the last days to come, will cure fatigue and backaches and most importantly, it will save you from various serious pregnancy related diseases.

However, pregnancy is a crucial period and exercising can somewhat be a little different this time! Hang on for the amazing exercising tips from the pros and try to incorporate them in your routine for a healthy you and a healthy baby!

Benefits of Prenatal Workout

While there are countless benefits, here are some to get you convinced!

  • Will give your baby a healthy start to life
  • Help you stay active
  • Will combat fatigue
  • Will improve stamina
  • Will help oxygen reach all the muscles across the body
  • Will strengthen your core muscles
  • Fight bad stretch marks
  • Will fight varicose veins
  • Good support for a healthy weight gain during the 9 months
  • Will prepare you well for child birth and labor pains
  • Aid in avoiding preterm labor
  • Aid in a quick recovery from child birth

Now that you are aware of the amazing health benefits of exercising during pregnancy, let us take a look at some exercises and how you can rule them, effortlessly.

Exercise 1: Walking

Walking is one of the safest exercises you can indulge in. While walking around the park or in your garden will improve your cardiovascular system, it will also help combat tiredness. Walking will help you take over the ‘short of breath’ feeling and will also keep your baby active inside. You can also walk on a treadmill at home.
However, when your third trimester arrives, take care of your balance and walk slowly. A 15-20 minute walk is ideal for pregnant women.

Exercise 2: Yoga

Yoga is great for the mind and the body both. Indulging in easy yoga exercises is the way towards a healthy child birth. While yoga will warm up your muscles and help them stretch accordingly, you will not only stay fit during your pregnancy but will also lose weight effectively postpartum.
Check these amazing yoga postures out:

  • Standing Mountain

Standing mountain is great for pregnant women. It allows one to relax and stretch easily. Start by standing on the floor with feet, shoulder width apart. Keep your hands joined in the center of your chest and breathe in and out for about 2 minutes. Keep your knees slightly bent with back straight.
To make it tough, take your arms above your head and bend backwards slowly. Let your muscles stretch for about 10 seconds. Come back to the original position. Voila!

  • Vakrasna

This yoga position will help stretch your oblique muscles, tone your abdominals while helping strengthen your back.
Sit on the floor with legs stretched outwards in the front. Keeping your back straight, stretch your arms outwards with palms facing below. Now simply twist your upper body and touch the opposite knee with the opposite hand (bending the knee slightly). Stay for 10 seconds. Exhale. Come back to the original position and repeat for the other side. Do 10 reps for each side.

  • Easy Squats

Squats are perfect for your hips and legs. Start by keeping a chair behind you. Stand with your feet hips width apart and slowly do your regular squats. Support yourself by eventually sitting on the chair and repeating the procedure.

Exercise 3: Swimming

Swimming is a great sport and while it helps tone the overall body, it also helps build stamina and strengthen the core muscles. Swimming is also safe for the baby as falling or injuring your womb are highly unlikely.
Enjoy a smooth swim in the pool for half an hour a few days a week.

Being pregnant does not mean you cannot enjoy a healthy lifestyle!